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Reservation Rules

Reservation Regulations

1 Please complete the form below/as attached and be sure that all the information supplied is correct to the best of your knowledge.

2 When we receive your reservation form, your mooring will be reserved. Upon receiving the 50 % advance payment, your berth is fully confirmed.

3 Payment Type: Cash or cheque payable to Alanya Marina or by transfer to Yapı Kredi Bank, Alanya Keykubat Branch No: 978, IBAN NUMBER TR390006701000000082307679 Swift Code: YAPITRIS978 – Account number (EURO), 82307679 , Account number(YTL) 81295823, IBAN NUMBER TR040006701000000081295823 , or ‘’ mail order’’with the credit card payment form.

4 On arrival to the marina, please present the received reservation form to the marina office and settle the balance of the mooring fee to complete the mooring contract. The mooring contract will not be authorised, until the payment is completed in full.

Reservation Cancellation conditions;

1 The reservation can not be transferred to another yacht.

2 The yachts are moored by their LOA and their materials. Alanya Marina arranges the berths of the yacht, not by the yacht owner’s wish. Alanya Marina may change the berth of the yacht, when necessary temporarirly or permanent by informing the yacht owner.

3 If reservation cancellation is made giving 60 or more days written notice from the starting date of the mooring period, % 100 of the down payment will be refunded.

4 If reservation cancellation is made giving 30-59 days written notice from the starting date of the mooring period, % 50 of the down payment will be refunded.

5 If reservation cancellation is made giving less than 30 days written notice, no refund will be made.

6 In cases where it is wished to transfer the starting date forward to the following year, 30 days advance written notice must be given.

7 No mooring reservation or mooring contract is complet, unless signed by Alanya Marina Management.

Mooring Contract Regulations & Cancellation Conditions

1 The yacht owner has to provide all the neccessary documents (Transit Log, Visas, registration document, insurance…etc.) asked by the Office. If the documents date expired or invalid, then it is the yacht owners responsibility to provide valid documents in a week. If the yacht has no valid insurance, Alanya Marina can not be hold responsible for any damage,theft, fire and etc. If any damage and etc. Caused by this yacht to the third parties, then the owner of this yacht accepts all the responsibility and also accepts to pay all the damages and etc.

2 When the yacht arrives to the marina, a mooring conract has to be signed by providing all the neccessary documents asked by the marina Office. When signing the mooring contract, the full payment has to be done.

3 After signing the contract & making the full payment, the mooring contract can not be cancelled. NO REFUNDS. All matters requiring arbitration will be referred to ALANYA/TURKEY Courts.

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