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Technical Services



Travel hoist capacity is 100 tons and boat mover with the capacity of 25 tons. 160 spaces are available for yachts on the hard-stand.


Yacht Paint Workshop

Renewing the antifouling, Paste finishing and paint application on board and deck; sandblasting the mast, fin keel, metal surfaces, and osmosis cleaning of polyester surfaces; application of all types of paint systems

Engine Workshops

Engine overhaul, conservation and maintenance services

Lathing Workshops

Metal, mechanical and chrome works

Polyester Workshop

Epoxy lamination works, Osmosis treatment, structural repairs, composite parts production, manufacturing of boat accessories using models and patterns, modifications, tank production

Wood Workshop

Production of teak decks, wooden masts and rigs, furniture repairing and production including varnishing, structural repairs, reproduction of wooden parts using epoxy lamination, reinforcement of caulked hulls and decks by cross-coating with epoxy wood and fiber

Electric & Electronic Workshop

Survey and value appraisal services
Osmosis Survey and Treatment (humidity control, cleaning by sandblasting, and post-drying complete insulation using epoxy materials)
Dismantling, checking and post-repair mantling and adjustment of the mast and complete rigs
Survey and value appraisal services
Sail repairs and maintenance, Upholstery works
Life raft service
Inflatable boat repairing and maintenance
Cooling system repairing & Maintenance
Lifting and Launching, Travel lift (100 tons) - maximum beam 7,80 m. and 25 ton Boat Mover

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