Marina Regulations


Article 1
These regulations have been drawn up with the aim of providing a service to yachts and yachtsmen and women in comfortable, clean and secure conditions at Alanya Marina for this purpose.

Article 2
The provisions of these regulations shall apply to all persons and vessels making use of the facilities of Alanya Marina, whether over a short a long period of time.

Article 3
All persons, yachts, yachtsmen, and women, boats vehicles, together with operators and staff of ancillary enterprises in the marina, are deemed to be automatically subject to these regulations in their entirely, as well as to decisions of those individuals designated as responsible under the terms of these regulations.


Article 4
These regulations have been drawn up in accordance with Article 13 of the Yacht Tourism Regulations published in the Official Gazette of 4 August 1983, pursuant to sub-section 4, section A article 37 of the Tourism Promotion Law no: 2634.


Article 5
In the context of these regulations:
a) “Yacht” refers to a vessel described as a type of yacht on its survey documentation or certificate of registration;
b) “Marina” refers to the Alanya MARİNA.
c) “The Ministry” to the Culture and Tourism Ministry.


Article 6
The Marina is open to, yachts, yachtsmen and women, visitors and those authorised to use commercial facilities within the Marina.

Article 7
Access to and mooring in the Marina we will not be permitted to any kind of vessel other than private or commercial yachts.

Article 8
Yacht owners or authorised yacht captains who moor in the Marina and make use of its various facilities required to sign a contract with the Marina management on the day of their arrival. The yacht owners or authorised Yacht captains are obliged to provide the information requested in this document correctly and without omission.

Article 9
The Marina reserves the right to cancel a valid contract in the event of a change of ownership of the yacht which is the subject of that contract.

Article 10
Yachts making use of the Marina must be fully equipped and capable of manoeuvring under their own power.

Article 11
Persons responsible for manoeuvring yachts inside the Marina must be in possession of a valid and appropriate certificate of competence. The boatmen’s services provided within the Yacht harbour will be undertaken solely by personnel in possession of a seaman’s certificate.

Article 12
In order to make use of the Marina’s facilities appropriate service charges shall be paid in advance. Should mooring charges not have been paid in advance the Marina reserves the right to levy a surcharge on the daily mooring rate.

Article 13
A valid Comprehensive and Third Party Insurance Policy must cover yachts making use of the Marina. A copy of the insurance documents should be provided to the Marina management when completing the mooring contract.

Article 14
Yachts subject to contract with the Marina are entitled to moor only at the berth assigned and notified to them.


Article 15
Yachts in the Marina will be accommodated by allocating them a berth number in an area with adequate depth of water , as indicated on the berthing plan, according to their length, draught and type.

Article 16
The speed limit for vessels inside the Marina is 3 knots, that for vehicles 25 km/Hr. Owners of vessels or vehicles not conforming to these limits will be denied access to the Marina.

Article 17
Anchoring in the Marina is strictly forbidden.

Article 18
It is forbidden to light any fires or to carry explosive materials on the yacht in the Marina.

Article 19
It is forbidden to carry out repair or maintenance work on pontoons or quays other than in the area designated for that purpose.

Article 20
Yacht owners , crews or guest may not offer to perform any kind of technical service on board other yachts.

Article 21
Vehicles entering the Marina may not be left anywhere other than in the car park.

Article 22
It is forbidden to empty the bilge’s or discharge holding tanks inside in Marina.
IMPORTANT: In such a situation the Marina management will levy the charge fixed annually for the cleaning up of any pollution and will notify the details to the relevant authorities with a view to possible criminal proceedings. Attention is particularly drawn to the fact that very heavy fines may be imposed as a result of any action leading to pollution of the marine environment.

Article 23
It is forbidden to keep any personal effects on the pontoons or quays on a continuing basis.

Article 24
Swimming, diving, fishing and the use of water-skis and windsurfs in the Marina are forbidden.

Article 25
The playing of loud music or any behaviour creating a disturbance is forbidden

Article 26
The running of generators or engines inside the Marina is permitted only with the authorisation of the Marina management.

Article 27
Rubbish and other items for disposal must be placed in the refuse bins and not left on the pontoons or quays.


Article 28
The yacht owner and captain are responsible for making good any loss or damage caused to the Marina or to another yacht by any third party authorised by them to use the yacht or by their passengers or crew, while mooring in or leaving the Marina , or while on the hard and carrying out repairs and maintenance.

Article 29
The yacht owner or captain is responsible for any loss, theft or damage to property, as well as for any accident involving passengers or crew on board the yacht.

Article 30
Unless prior written notice is given to the Marina Management, any legal questions relating to yachts in the Marina which have changed ownership will be the responsibility of the first owner. The name, surname and address of the new owner must be communicated to the Marina management in writing conforming to that set out in the regulations. Should this procedure not be followed? Any legal responsibility arising will fall to the previous owner of the yacht.

Article 31
The yacht owner or captain should notify the Marina Management if intending to leave the yacht unattended for more than one day.

Article 32
Small children within the confines of the Marina are the responsibility of their parents.

Article 33
Domestic animals kept in the Marina must not left untethered . Owners are responsible for the cleaning up of any fouling their animals may cause.

Article 34
If the yacht is left wintering in the marina for five years unattended, then the yacht will be confiscated by the custom authority.


Article 35
The Marina management will regulate the arrival, berthing, stay and departure of yachts in the Marina.

Article 36
In exceptional circumstances, or when otherwise considered necessary, the management may move a yacht from its berth or position on the hard, giving due notice to the yacht owner or captain (or without giving notice in the event of their absence).

Article 37
When considered necessary in an emergency, where it is not possible to consult the yacht owner or captain, the management may remove a yacht to the hard against subsequent payment of type appropriate charges, informing the yacht owner in writing of their action.

Article 38
IMPORTANT: Entrance to the Marina area will be refused to persons who ignore the regulations. Yachts not conforming to the regulations will have their existing mooring contracts cancelled, and their owners will be asked to remove them from the Marina. following the unilateral cancellation of a mooring contract , due to the a yacht owner or captains non compliance with the regulations, the Marina management will not be held responsible for any damage which may occur to the yacht in the Marina should the owner temporarily be unable to remove it.

Article 39
Where necessary recourse may be had to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Article 40
If charges due under the tariff approved by the Ministry have not been paid permission for the yacht in question to leave the Marina will not be given, and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent its departure.

Article 41
The management will set out the basis of working arrangements for the personnel employed on the various services provided at the Marina under the terms of its yacht harbour the management licence. The management will see to the co-ordination of these services in cases for persistent dispute or unacceptable behaviour the management will require those responsible to withdraw their services and/ or will apply to the Ministry for punitive action under the terms of Article 31 of the Tourism Promotion Law no. 2634

Article 42
The management will fix the operating hours of the commercial outlets in the Marina. as well as starting and finishing times of Marina services . The management will maintain a check on the efficiency, cleanliness, safety and relevance to their objectives of these services, as well as on the dress and behaviour of the personnel assigned to them . The management will take every precaution to ensure the cleanliness of the Marina area and will request yacht owners and captains to do likewise.

Article 43
In case of necessity the Marina Director may delegate to a subordinate part or all the authority described in these regulations.
N.B: The above is an informal translation; in any legal process reference must be made to the Turkish Original.



Distance from the after most point of the boat to the foremost point, excluding the bowsprit.


The Marina management does it’s best to offer security and protection for your boat, both on land and in the water. However, management can only accept responsibility for items stored in the locked storeroom and for goods delivered directly to the Marina management. We advise each boat owner to maintain current adequate insurance coverage since theft is not covered by Marina insurance.

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